in our coworking space, enterpreneurs in creative industry have an access to meet other creative people, to share business ideas and to build a creative hubs. So, they will have opportunity to have synergy and to make further business collaboration.



in our coworking space, enterpreneurs of creative industry have a chance to join startup incubation program and more event to upgrade their business skill, such as: business talk, workshop and group coaching. Aside from developing business skill, we will also help entrepreneur to acquire and manage business permit that will affirm their business form.

Flexible Terms

working in our coworking space, will make enterpreneurs in creative industry get easier to manage their work schedule and do another activities. So, they will have more productive work days compare to work at home or permanent office.

Affordable Price

we believe that every business must calculate its expenditures carefully. Therefore, we provides various services package for entrepreneurs, so they can easily allocate the office cost for other needs.